Diamond tools, Diamond saw blade, granite cutting segment manufacturer in India

Saw Blanks for Single cutter and for Quarry


Additional information


GERMAN grade 75CR1 Steel

System type:

Specially Heat – Treated in the right way

Body Material:

Strong balanced thin alloy steel body.


International SAFETY standards


Dia of Saw Blade in MeterDia of Saw Blade in mmBore/Hole size in mmThicknessSpecification
1 Mtr9841005.5mmGranite cutting
1.1 Mtr10841005.5mmGranite cutting
1.2 Mtr11841006mmGranite cutting
1.35 Mtr13341006mmGranite cutting
1.4 Mtr13841006mmGranite cutting
1.6 Mtr15841006mmGranite cutting
1.7 Mtr16841007mmGranite cutting
1.8 Mtr17841007mmGranite cutting
2.0 Mtr19841508mmGranite cutting
2.2 Mtr21841508mmGranite cutting
2.3 Mtr22841508mmGranite cutting
2.5 Mtr24841508/9mmGranite cutting
2.7 Mtr26841509mmGranite cutting
3 Mtr29841509mmGranite cutting
3.2 Mtr31841509mmGranite cutting
3.5 Mtr34841509mmGranite cutting

Advantages & Benefits

Designed for hard and super hard granites

30% long life – lower cost per running feet

Accident free & safe to use