Diamond tools, Diamond saw blade, granite cutting segment manufacturer in India

Diamond Saw Blade for Granite Slab

We provide excellent diamond saw blades for cutting all kinds of stone, granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, and other natural stones. Available: 110 mm to 3500 mm diameter


Additional information


Ultra hot press Korean latest technology.


Multi Point sharp premium diamond grits.

System type:

Super Hard long life bond system.

Body Material:

Strong balanced thin alloy steel body.


TypeSizeSpecificationPack qty.Article No.
Segment110x1.7x10x20 mmGranite Cutting100/200 Nos.S110171020GS
Segment125x2x10x20/22.23 mmGranite Cutting100/200 Nos.S125201020GS
Segment150x2.2x10x22.23 mmGranite Cutting50/100 Nos.S150221022GS
Segment180x2.2x10x22.23 mmGranite Cutting50 Nos.S180221022GS
Segment200x2.4x10x22.23 mmGranite Cutting25 Nos.S200241022GS
Segment250x2.4x10x22.23 mmGranite Cutting10 Nos.S250241022GS

Advantages & Benefits

Designed for hard and super hard granites

High speed cutting from start to end, 30% higher productivity

25% long life – lower cost per running feet

40% less starins on operator and machines.

Accident free & safe to use