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Sanwa Diamond Tools

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Sanwa Diamond Tools

Sanwa Diamond Tools has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality diamond cutting tools, offering a wide variety of products for the stone, construction, and industrial industries. Our extensive product line includes diamond saw blades, core bits, drill bits, and a variety of premium products. Sanwa Diamond Tools is committed to innovation and excellence, placing us at the forefront of diamond cutting tool technology.

Industries We Serve

Unlock the Potential of Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

Stone Industry

Our export-quality Diamond Wire Saws cater to a variety of needs in the stone industry. Whether it's intricate work or large-scale projects, our products enable a wide range of diamond cutting applications.

Concrete Controlled Demolition

Our Diamond Core Bits are renowned for their exceptional durability and reliability, proven through use in various high-level demolition projects

Industrial Applications

Unleash superior cutting speed and extended blade life with our wall saw blades. Our engineered blades tackle tough jobs in reinforced concrete, openings, and renovations.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us

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